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Customers & Retailers

There are many ways that you can purchase Hemp Sense's amazing products, listed below are a couple:

1. Online

Customers from Canada can purchase our products via or

Consumers from the US can purchase products online at Hemp Sense USA.

  Buy Now At Walmart Hemp Sense USA logo 2020AM.png    

2. Locally at our processing facility

Our processing facility is located in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada. Please contact us if you plan to visit in person.

3. In person at one of our retailers

Hemp Sense products are available at the locations listed in the product details. 

Click on a product below to view retailers that carry that product. 

4. Distributors

Canadian Distributors

Appy Acres
Contact Kim at 780-237-0290

American Distributors

For our Americian Retailers looking for product closer to home, check out to our US distributers by clicking the logo above or contacting them directly! 

Hurdz Hemp