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Our Company

Hemp Sense Inc. is a Manitoba based company that processes industrial hemp to produce environmentally friendly hemp products.

The focus of our business is to capture the value of the versatile qualities of 100 % hemp straw in the production of patented crumble for cat litter, small animal bedding, hemp fibril soil enricher and other related uses.

Hemp Sense buys baled hemp stalks from farmers, after the hemp grain has been harvested. Instead of going to waste, we process the baled hemp stalks using a unique patented zero waste process.

Manufacturer and Distributor of All Natural Hemp Pet and Garden Products

EDI systems is an absolute must in the Retail Supply Chain. Hemp Sense Inc Utilizes SPS Commerce for EDI Compatiblity. (Electronic Data Interchange) SPS Commerce provides Seamless and Streamlined Transactions:

  • Ordering
  • Receiving
  • Invoices

Who We Are

Lyall Bates

President of Hemp Sense Inc.

Lyall has over 21 years of experience in start-up companies throughout the world. In 2008, Lyall travelled the world to research industrial hemp and toured various hemp plants to learn about hemp products that are on the market. After years of research, Lyall invented new products that are patented in Canada & USA with specialized equipment and technology. These patents also include an extraction of a CBD process when it becomes legal in Canada.

In 2015, Lyall incorporated the private company Hemp Sense Inc. Shares were sold to raise capital through private investors. Lyall is currently working on R&D on new products, in addition to the products that Hemp Sense Inc. has on the market.

Michael Jacobs

Vice President

Michael Jacobs was born and raised in a small agricultural community in Norfolk County, Ontario. Michael was born into a farming family and quickly learned how to maintain the responsibilities of various seasonal crops. At the age that Michael was able to apply for a driver’s permit, his life transitioned from planting and picking to logistics and delivery. Michael’s personal and professional values, however, have never left the farming and agricultural community.

Michael Jacobs has been the president of Jacobs Transportation a family owned and operated company for over 20 years. Jacobs Transportation specializes in propagated plants, flowers and vegetables. Michael Jacobs has been a dedicated shareholder since the beginning of Hemp Sense Inc. in 2016. Michael’s knowledge and pride for agriculture, farming, and
transportation will be a great asset to the growth and future development of Hemp Sense Inc.

Keith Watson

Associate Plant Breeder / Director

Keith has been involved in research, agronomy work, plant breeding and general development of the industry since Hemp was licensed in 1998.

Keith Watson BSA, PAg(rt), Associate Plant Breeder was Agrologist and Agronomist and Diversification Specialist with the Province of Manitoba, Department of Agriculture, with an office in Dauphin, Manitoba. As a part of that role was the Provincial Industrial Hemp Specialist for 15 years. Retired from Manitoba Agriculture in 2013. Keith was the team leader during that time for the Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation (PCDF) that is headquartered in Roblin doing applied research in the Northwest part of Manitoba being the lead agency in Manitoba doing agronomy research on a wide range of crops including Hemp.

Associate Plant Breeder for Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers, Dauphin for 19 years. Numerous excellent dual purpose hemp varieties developed.

Director with Hemp Sense since its conception in 2015.