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Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher

4.5 Kg (10 lbs.)

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher is a superior garden bedding made from the whole hemp straw, a 100% natural product. Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher absorbs and hold 4 to 5 times its weight in water when used as a layer on top of the soil. It creates a micro climate holding the water reducing evaporation and less watering.  Can be used in flower pots and beds, home ornamental pot plants, vegetables and bedding plants.


  • Made from 100% All Natural Hemp Stalks
  • Conserves moisture - allows for reduced watering
  • Protects plant roots from extreme temperatures
  • Free of noxious weeds, insects, and diseases
  • Biodegradable - Supplies organic matter to the soil
  • Eliminates moisture stress in shallow-rooted plants
  • Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial effects,
  • Chemical free. Free of chemicals during growth and manufacture
  • Absorbs 4-5 times its weight in moisture,
  • Superior insulating properties protecting the soil in hot summer or cold winter periods
  • Suppress or Reduce weeds
  • PH neutral
  • Great for low and easy maintenance gardening


Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher are a great alternative to peat moss for potting soil and when transplanting young plant into your garden. Mix in an approximate 10 to 1 ratio of soil to Hemp Crumbles.

For looks and moisture conservation beds and borders can be covered entirely, taking care not to smother low growing plants. Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher is applied around the bedding plants up to 2.5 cm. (1in) thick. They can be applied around new plantings or to established beds and specimen plants.

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher creates an insulating moisture control. Water every 2 to 5 days dependant on weather.

In the Greenhouse, sprinkle seeds on the surface of the potting soil. Apply ¼ to ½ inch of hemp soil enricher dependant on the size of the seeds. Water and the seeds will germinate and emerge through the hemp soil enricher. The insulating hemp soil enricher layer will reduce the need for daily watering.

Retail Locations

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher is available at the following retail locations: