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Food Preserving Pillow

220g per pillow 

Its estimated over 7 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in North America with vegetables and fruits adding up to 45% of the food that is wasted annually!

With a large percentage of the vegetables and fruit wasted due to over riping and spoiling, and our trade secrets in our pocket, we knew we had to do our part to help out! 

Hemp Sense Inc. has a new product that is produced in our certified food grade facility which has been proven to slow ripening of all ethylene sensitive and producing fruits and vegetables, also extending the shelf life and therefore saving consumers money and the enivorment!


Simply place in/on your fruit bowls, crispers, or counter top.

Place your fruit and vegetables on top of the pillow! 

Let the magic happen! 

Most effective results up to 12 months after opening the sealed bag!

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