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Hemp Sense Inc is proud to announce their new hemp plant located in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba is now up and operating. This is the first plant in the world that takes harvested hemp stock and creates multiple ground breaking, innovative products. Each product provides a sustainable and green alternative to existing solutions that can meet or exceed the competition.

One product is a hemp crumble used as cat litter or small pet bedding. Hemp’s exceptional absorbing qualities ensure that odors are controlled and provides hassle-free cleanup as the crumble will not stick to the tray. Not only is it a green product, hemp cat litter stays fresh and lasts longer than many of the top brands on the market today.

Hemp Sense’s garden soil enricher ensures healthy plant growth by mixing in with the soil over time and absorbing and storing moisture. This will ensure that the ground retains moisture for longer periods of time which maintains strong, healthy plants during dry periods.

The powerful absorbent product uses the natural absorbency of hemp crumble to effectively clean up oil or chemical spills which allows for quicker and more effective cleanups and less harmful product seeping into the ground.

The seeds are utilized in various ways, including hulled hemp seed for human consumption, pet food boosters made from the seed hulls, and horse supplements made from a mixture. Hemp seed is an excellent natural source of protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids that humans and their pets require as part of a healthy diet. New products are being tested and developed and are set to be released in the near future.

Lyall Bates, President and founder of Hemp Sense Inc. began looking into how the hemp plant could be utilized to create a wide array of green products available to everyone. After traveling throughout North America and Europe, Lyall learned that companies were separating the two main parts of the stock, the fiber and the hurd. Realizing the inefficiencies and risks involved, Lyall set about developing a way to manufacture end products from the entire hemp plant.

Lyall has also been working for several years with CBD, Cannabidiol, which has been linked to a variety of health benefits. While Canada’s laws do not currently permit the production and sale of CBD as of yet, Hemp Sense Inc. has conducted extensive testing and is prepared to provide CBD products on a large scale when the law changes. Hemp Sense’s CBD products are patented and have been proven to be composed of CBD oil. Lyall warns that many companies will attempt to market hemp seed oil as CBD, which fuels the misconception that the hemp seeds provide CBD. Individuals purchasing it should make sure that their product is verified independently and that they are aware of what they are actually purchasing. Hemp crops with high strain CBD take years to develop and several more to mass produce, so it is up to the buyer to ensure they are educated about what they are buying. It should also be noted that CBD oils should have little to no THC, which means that the real thing will have no psychoactive qualities.

Hemp Sense’s has the patent for all of their whole hemp stock products in Canada and the United States, including for shredding the whole or part hemp stock to make pellets, crumbles, flour, cubes, or briquettes. Another patented production method is cutting any part of the hemp plant just before the seed is formed, a time when the CBD levels are highest within the plant, to cut or process the plant with intent to make pellets, flour, crumble, cubes, or briquettes for extracting CBD. The third patent, currently patent pending, is when the hemp plant is cut down and dried and the leaves and buds are separated which allows the CBD oils to be extracted from the leaves and buds or can be made into pellets, flour, crumble, cubes, briquettes which also can have the CBD oils extracted or could be used for pets, livestock, horses for a supplement.

Hemp Sense Inc. is a fully private company operating on capital gained from private investors who share Lyall’s vision of green, sustainable products shaping the future and producing large volume of CBD material.

It was a difficult journey bringing Hemp Sense to where it is now, but seeing it all come together has been worth it, according to Lyall. Their has been offers from companies across Canada and the United States to expand, partner, or take this company public; Lyall has declined and said that he will consider offers provided they are in the best interest of Hemp Sense Inc and its continuing success. Now there is companies calling and asking if they could pay Hemp Sense Inc a royalty for the use of the patents.

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