Kitten Cuteness

October 13, 2021

Our All-Natural Hemp Plant was considered a safe place for a Visiting Female Cat to have her litter of kittens.
In her chosen safe and natural environment she had 6 gorgeous kittens!!
As a manufacturer of All-Natural Hemp Pet Products we were up to the task of supporting this Mama and her little family.
Hemp Sense Inc is a strong supporter of animal welfare including controlling unwanted cat litters due to cats not being spayed or neutered……..
First – We named our Mama Visitor “Hempy”
Second – Hempy is retiring as a Mama cat, she has been booked at the Vet for her spay and shots for when her kittens are no longer requiring her.
Which leads to…………………….. 6 kittens looking for New Wonderful Homes with Owners that will commit to spay and neutering their little ones. We will post photos as we can. 🙂
With each successful adoption we will supply 1 bag of our All Natural Hemp Cat Litter for your new kitty!!
Click on the link: IMG_6148