New CBD Patent

December 19, 2018

Lyall Bates new Patent has been approved for the USA and is Patent Pending in Canada for the method of collecting the tops or the buds and leaves from the hemp plant. Which then can be dried and extracted to collect the CBD oils and other oils from the hemp plant.
The Patent is a method that covers the following:
  • Method where the tops can be cut and dried in the field and later baled.
  • Method where the tops can be cut and dried down to around 50% moisture, then baled and silage wrapped in plastic.
  • Method where the tops can be cut and transferred to a trailer, truck, wagon etc. then be transferred to a dryer.

This Patent process can be done with different types of equipment.

This Method has been done and patented in Europe for the past few years but has never been patented in the USA or Canada until now.

Hemp Sense Inc. now holds 3 patents for the USA and 2 in Canada. As mentioned, Lyall Bates owns this new patent and an additional patent pending has been filed for USA and Canada. More details will follow.

Hemp Sense Inc. and Lyall Bates will entertain the idea of licensing the use of these Patents. For further information Contact Hemp Sense Inc 204-548-2782