Hemp CBD

January 15, 2018

Health Canada currently prohibits growers from selling the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. Those parts of the plant can be used to make cannabinoids (CBD), compounds that provide pain relief and have anti-inflammatory properties.  On Nov. 21, Health Canada announced that it plans to reverse that rule.

Hemp Sense Inc. is now in the planning stages to set up CBD extraction equipment and plan to be in operation late fall 2018.

Buyers be aware that there are a lot of Hemp CBD products currently on the market claiming high CBD value.  Hemp grown today around the world has CBD strains averaging between 1 – 2% CBD with .3% THC or less.    There are some higher strains on the market but very small supply as these are grown in small test plots or green houses.   When considering purchasing a CBD product, ask for lab results to ensure you not being misled.