Our Company

After hemp grain is harvested, Hemp Sense uses the rest of the hemp plant in our unique, zero-waste process. We build on work of Manitoba farmers who have been leaders in hemp cultivation and production since industrial hemp was legalized.

Our environmentally-friendly processing plant, a former seed processing facility just west of Gilbert Plains, produces super-absorbent hemp pellets and patented hemp crumble out of what used to be waste.

What we make

Natural hemp is ideal for absorbing and retaining liquids, including oil. Our hemp products include specially processed pellets and crumble that excel as cat litter, livestock bedding, garden mulch and absorbent pillows.

From your home driveway to your worksite, use our bulk hemp to quickly and conveniently clean up any spill, whether oil, chemical or drilling mud.

How we do it

Hemp Sense buys baled hemp stalks from local farmers, after they have harvested the hemp grain. Instead of going to waste, we process the baled hemp straw in our facility, into useful, green products.

There are two main types of fibre in hemp straw: long fibres called bast in the outer skin, and short fibres called hurd from the core of the stem. Our unique process can use both types, producing highly absorbent patented hemp pellets and patented hemp crumbles. These natural products excel as quick, high-quality, and excellent value liquid absorbers.

Hemp makes sense

Industrial hemp is a top choice for producing absorbent products:

  • Hemp is biodegradable and decomposes quickly
  • Natural hemp enzymes help trap and neutralize odour
  • Hemp absorbs up to five times as much liquid as clay products
  • Pellet and crumble shapes work with the natural texture of hemp to minimize dust
  • Completely compostable
  • We add no oils or scents